Stamatios M. Krimigis, USA/GREECE 

Vice Chair:

Ioannis A. Daglis, GREECE 

Scientific Commission A: Ralph Kahn (USA)
Scientific Commission B: Maria-Teresa Capria (Italy)
Scientific Commission C:  Andrew Yau (Canada)
Scientific Commission D: Nicole Vilmer (France)
Scientific Commission E: Tomaso Belloni (Italy)
Scientific Commission F: Tom K. Hei (USA)
Scientific Commission G: Marc Avila (Germany)
Scientific Commission H: Claus Laemmerzahl (Germany)

Technical Panel on Satellite Dynamics (PSD) Heike Peter (Germany)
Panel on Technical Problems Related to Scientific Ballooning (PSB) Tetsuya Yoshida (Japan)
Panel on Potentially Environmentally Detrimental Activities in Space (PEDAS) Carolin Frueh (USA)
Panel on Radiation Belt Environment Modeling (PRBEM) Yoshi Miyoshi (Japan)
Panel on Space Weather (PSW) Maria Kuznetsova (USA)
Panel on Planetary Protection (PPP) Athena Coustenis (France)
Panel on Capacity Building (PCB) Juan Carlos Gabriel (Spain)
Panel on Education (PE) Michel Boer (France)
Panel on Exploration (PEX) Frances Westall (France)
Panel on Interstellar Research (PIR) Ralph McNutt (USA)
Panel on Innovative Solutions (PoIS) Eric H. Smith (USA)
Panel on Social Sciences and Humanities (PSSH)
Isabelle Sourbès-Verger (France)

Important Dates

Congress Dates: 16 - 24 July, 2022

Abstract Submission Deadline: 11 February, 2022


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